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Announcing the 2014 Moss Motoring Challenge!

2014ChallengeLast year Moss Motors, our British cars division, did a Motoring Challenge. All year long the competitors (we call them Challengers) drove to specific locations in their British cars and took pictures. The most points wins $1000 Moss cash, and there are further winnings for 2nd, 3rd, and more. They’ve recently announced their winner, read more about that at MossMotoring, Moss’ British blog.

As their year went on, I heard from a few Miata customers “complaining” that Miatas weren’t included. So the Marketing department met with ownership and voiced those complaints and well – Miatas can now participate in the 2014 Challenge! And to push it to the next level of competition, we have set up a competition of Miata vs LBC to see which group of drivers might reign supreme. It’s kind of like the ultimate Moss competition. Here’s our main website about the Challenge:

It is completely free to enter. A person only needs a hardcopy of our flyer because that must be displayed in the entry pictures. Other than that we are encouraging people to Get Out And Drive. Just enjoy your car. And if you participate in this we hope you find some interesting locations to visit, but we also hope you find more enjoyment in the drive. If you feel like really competing, there are some generous prizes to be won. Besides the Miata vs British award (which, come on guys, we’ve GOT to win!), there are Moss cash prizes, a Club Spirit award and other special prizes.

So, where are you heading for your first destination photo?

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