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A Whirlwind Drive Across the USA is Just the Beginning for Hope

_28A3287One Crystal Blue 2002 Miata, two guys, 48 States, 7 days. Roughly 10,000 miles in just 168 hours. Stop about every 300 miles for gas. Also stop to meet up with some very special kids and families, and put a smile on their faces.

_28A3560That’s exactly what took place just a few weeks ago when Drive Away Cancer’s John Nikas partnered with Moss Motoring editor Dave Stuursma using our Moss shop/development car NB Miata. Moss is blessed to be friends with John, and we’ve been honored to help him in his cause of helping to bring fun and smiles to terminally ill children and their families. His Austin-Healey named Grace has logged almost 120,000 miles in the past two years as John drives across the country, giving rides to kids and using Grace as a rolling memorial. Please click here to read more about Grace and Drive Away Cancer.

With the annual Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca happening the last weekend in April, John and Dave knew that would be a perfect place to end the drive. So on Friday, April 19, 2013, they packed up the 2002 shop car at Moss headquarters in Goleta, CA and hit the road.

You can read more on their blog about what happened each day, but it was quite a trial.  After about 3 days it was apparent that Dave was having a bit of trouble with his night vision. The pair also knew that time was running out to hit all 48 states and still arrive at the Laguna Seca event. Near the end of the Drive Dave flew home and John’s pal Randy took over in his place. But in the end 42 states were visited, along with quite a few kids and families – the guys and the car arrived safely in Monterey – and we deemed the Drive a success.

DACMiataThe Miata was a trooper and performed flawlessly (we expected no less); the only “failure” was losing the front lower lip spoiler when it met a large possum roadkill at speed. Hardly the Miata’s fault. Dave recovered quickly. John? Well… he extended his Drive by taking the car on Saturday night (missing the event banquet) for Mazda press photography, and then driving the car to Los Angeles and back on the following Tuesday to be covered by a major automotive magazine. And of course he’s still driving.

And we have plans to continue as well. Please keep your eyes on these pages for updates on where “Hope” (the new name for our 2002 Miata) will be traveling to next. She’s going to be called on quite a bit this year to carry the torch of DAC, and we look forward to bringing some smiles and happiness into kids’ lives soon. If you know of anyone we could visit, please contact us through this blog, or email Dave at here at Moss.

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